Rural health training centre is 10kms away, under the administrative control of Principal, is available for training the students in community oriented primary health care and rural based health education for the rural community attached to the hospital & medical college.

Residential arrangements for boys, girls and interns with mess facilities are provided at the rural health centre. College buses are accessible for both students and staff for carrying out field work, teaching and training activities by the department of Community Medicine.


SL Particulars RHC/PHC UHC
Name of center:
  1. PHC Holehonnur
  2. PHC Gondichatnalli
  3. PHC Harmghatta
UHC Tunga Nagar
Location of center:
  1. Holehonnur
  2. Gondichatnalli
  3. Harmghatta
Tunga Nagar
Population covered:
  1. 31054
  2. 32017
  3. 34157
Distance from college & Travel time:
  1. 10 kms
  2. 12 kms
  3. 16 kms
8 kms
Transport facilities for the following

(i) Students + Interns

(ii) Staff

(iii) Support staff34157
1 Bus / 1 Van

1 Bus / 1 Van

1 Bus / 1 Van

1 Bus / 1 Van
1 Bus / 1 SUV

1 Bus / 1 SUV

1 Bus / 1 SUV

1 Bus / 1 SUV


Staff for Rural Training Health Centre
Medical Officer
Bheemappa M S

Dr Kruthika

Dr Pooja
Dr.M Devanand

Dr.Shakeel Ahmed

Dr.Sunitha C . Dr.Sandeep
Medico social worker
Mr Raghupathi

Ms Bhagyavathi
Mr Venkatesh

Mr Venkatesh Rao
Public Health Nurse
Mrs Sukanya

Mrs Bhavya

Mrs Sonia

Mrs Chandrakala

Mrs Gowramma

Mrs Kokila
Mrs Smitha Naik

Mrs Annapoornamma

Mrs Jayalakshmi

Mrs Sudha
Health Assistant
Mr Sunil Kumar

Mr Akash N A

Mrs Anitha M

Mrs Kamalavva

Mrs Geetha R
Mr Mustafa Ali Attar

Mrs Shashikala T

Mrs Sathyavathi U

Mrs Ranjiha B

Mrs Nishitha

Mr Mohammed Zeeshan Khalandar

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